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TCL’s new true instant earbuds, pills, and smartwatch wonâ..

TCL's new true instant earbuds, drugs, and smartwatch won't break the bankIFA, and it's now back to the yearly expo to sing their own praises a variety of items.Here's every thing the company introduced at the show!TCL 10 Tab Max and TCL 10 Tab MidTCL announced two slates in the TCL 10 Tab Max an...Read More

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Dated : 2020-11-04 06:49:02

AI improved content fabric coming to future Android TVs..

AI advanced content material coming to future Android TVsIFA rolls around, the synthetic intelligence buzzword emerges to dazzle prospective customers and buyers. However, the variety of truly awesome use cases for AI is expanding.TCL, one of the industry's biggest TV brands, showcased the AI cap...Read More

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Dated : 2020-11-04 05:49:02