Zoom Was Down For Some Users (Update: Appears To Be Back)

Zoom's Twitter). Zoom was down for a couple of hours in advance today, causing havoc for enterprise users as well as college students using the tool for digital classes.Eric S.Yuan, the founder and CEO of Zoom, addressed the outage in an apology tweet. We've reflected that below:

Today @zoom_us had a carrier disruption that affected lots of our shoppers. We know the duty we have to keep your meetings, lecture rooms & vital events working. I'm in my opinion very sorry & we are able to all do our greatest to steer clear of this from taking place in the future.— Eric S. Yuan (@ericsyuan) August 24, 2020

Original article, August 24, 2020 (09:30 AM ET): We saw Spotify go down for users last week and Gmail and its productivity suite experience woes sometime after.Now, it's Zoom's turn to be afflicted by connectivity issues.Multiple users have said issues with the familiar video conferencing carrier, with the agency now noting a partial outage of its Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars points on its status dashboard."We have acquired reviews of users being unable to visit the Zoom website (zoom. us) and unable to begin and join Zoom Meetings and Webinars. We are presently investigating and could provide updates as we've got them," read a statement on the dashboard.Users on normal outage monitoring web page Downdetector have said that the service is disrupted in the likes of Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Romania, Russia, and the US.Some users also note that they were able to access Zoom via the mobile or computer apps as opposed to their web clients. For what it's worth, I was in a position to conduct a gathering here in South Africa via the telephone app with a colleague in Germany.We'll update the thing as soon as we hear more from the video chat service.


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