Xiaomi Pronounces Smarter Living Event: What If You Expect?

Xiaomi publicizes Smarter Living event: What if you happen to expect?

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

  • Xiaomi has announced that a ‘Smarter Living' event will ensue on September 29.

  • The company says we can expect IoT items at this event.

  • The last Smarter Living event added TVs, the Mi Band 4, and other IoT items.

Xiaomi has numerous merchandise in its environment of products, ranging from smartphones and laptops to hair trimmers and vacuum cleaners. Now, it appears like the firm is giving its prolonged surroundings some love with a new event.The agency sent out a press invite for its Smarter Living event on September 29 at midday IST (2:30AM ET). The emailed invite, sent to Android Authority, notes that we can expect IoT products at the development. Check out the attached photograph below.

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Some of the photographs in the event poster point to fitness-related themes (with a Mi Band and smartwatch also seen here), so we're guessing that the Mi Band 5 and the Mi Watch are incoming. This is very true for the Mi Band 5, with its predecessor launching in India at the 2019 Xiaomi Smarter Living event.2019's event also saw Xiaomi launching a couple of Mi TV models, the Mi Smart Water Purifier, and a second-era motion-activated night light. So we're guessing that follow-ups or identical items may be on offer at the next event too.

Other images spotted in the teaser image point to laptops, smart lighting, and potentially shoes (yes, Xiaomi has shoes in its environment).


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