Xiaomi Envisions A Phone With ‘bunny Ears’ Pop-up Cameras

bizarre camera designs, but its latest may be particularly clever — and likewise a bit cute. Tiger Mobiles reviews that Xiaomi has filed for a patent on a telephone design that might use two pop-up cameras in a "bunny ears" arrangement.

Each unit doesn't only pop out at an angle, but carry a camera for both the front and back. In theory, this may make it easy to come with dual front and rear cameras while getting rid of the need for a notch or hole punch on the screen.It would differently be a very commonplace phone with stereo audio system and a USB-C port, albeit with the flash sitting by itself on the back. As here is a patent, it will possibly just be a placeholder design to expose how the cameras would work.Read more: Xiaomi shows under-screen camera tech for 2021 phones

As with many patents, there's no assure Xiaomi will build a shipping phone based on the design.This is an idea, not necessarily a product roadmap. However, the company is no stranger to pop-up cameras, having carried out them in the Mi 9T series and varied Redmi models.There are also practical purposes for on account that a system like this. It can be impractical to give more than one pop-up selfie camera without compromising space for rear cameras and other phone components. A idea like this can allow for wide-angle selfies or similar tricks while keeping the cameras' ordinary footprint to a minimum. Even if Xiaomi does not use this exact design, the ideas concerned could lead to sleeker all-screen phones.


Dated : 2020-11-09 01:49:02

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