We Asked, You Told Us: Most People Still Dearly Miss The Headphone Jack

headphone jack from the iPhone 7 back in 2016, it sounded a death knell for the ubiquitous connector. Android OEMs joined Apple's anti-analog fight soon after its move, but more these days, businesses like Sony have seemingly realized how "vital" the jack is.

But we were brooding about, do Android Authority readers feel a similar way?Have you tailored to Bluetooth audio the point where the audio jack's absence is now not an issue?Are you now all-in on the wireless audio ecosystem?

Late last month, we asked you to vote in a poll on the online page and on Twitter, and here's what you told us.It seems readers' evaluations in regards to the audio jack's importance haven't changed much. Of the greater than 6,000 votes we bought on the website, nearly 72% of readers say they would "completely use a headphone jack" if their device had one. Our Twitter viewers in large part agrees, too with a bit more than 69% of respondents answering in favor of this feature.While this does not suggest telephone users are still angry about the venerable jack's removal, it is clear that if given the option, the physical port can be used.USB-C dongles are not a sound substitute for readers, either.Related: 3 purposes to buy wired headphones in 2020

In a poll we ran earlier this year, a surprising number of you said you would be inclined to spend up to $50 more on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with a headphone jack. Giving users a decision to use different hardware in different situations just makes design sense, and certain a key explanation why Sony, LG, and Google still use or have reintroduced the port to a couple gadgets. Redundancy and freedom of choice are probably key motivators for users here.That said, a couple of readers are entirely embracing wireless audio and are very happy break away from wires.Just under 0,33 (30. 8%) of respondents say they are "all-in on Bluetooth" and won't likely return to wired audio although given the choice. Our Twitter voters tell a similar story, with just below 31% of voters fully committing to Bluetooth audio tech.This option sought in finding users who see no issue with the lack of a headphone jack, and who wouldn't imagine using the legacy port on their instruments even if supplied with a decision. In that sense, it's an incredibly large share of voters who wouldn't return to wired audio. Many respondents echo the comfort and usefulness of tether-less audio accessories.

We've singled out some tremendous feedback from both sides of the fence in the area below.

  • Zero: Many might like the instant headphones but I can count how time and again my phone has been saved with a wired headphone.

  • Germaine Liew: I'm using my instant set for on the go, and perhaps some family chores. Otherwise, it's just easy for me to plug in my wired pair. Basically I just interchange both regularly.

  • mrochester: Definitely could not return to wired headphones. Wireless is barely so handy and wired wouldn't work with a smartwatch anyway.

  • arcwindz: Strictly communicating on the use of earphones, yeah, I prefer the mobility of Bluetooth audio. BUT, a phone that may't tune to FM radio is kind of a deal-breaker for me, so it's the same as desiring the headphone jack. In fact, the ideal Bluetooth earphone is one that can go wireless and wired at an analogous time.

  • Brad Fortin: I was pining for wireless headphones ever since I got my first iPod back in 2005. I can't agree with it's taken this long to catch on when they're such an apparent idea.If agencies had put severe effort into the category lets've basically perfected the era by now.

  • That's it for this poll. As always, thanks for all of your votes and feedback. If you have got any thoughts on the results, or on Bluetooth audio and the headphone jack commonly, be sure to drop them down below.

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