We Asked, You Told Us: Huawei Users Would Consider Ditching EMUI For Harmony OS

We asked, you told us: Huawei users would trust ditching EMUI for Harmony OS

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Earlier this month, Huawei unveiled the second new release of Harmony OS, its do-it-all working system to be used on future hardware. The agency has also proven that the OS will be readied to be used on smartphones too and that latest gadgets operating Android-based EMUI 11 can be "upgraded" to Harmony OS.We still haven't seen a Harmony OS telephone yet, nor do we all know which devices may be eligible for the upgrade.But we did want to hear your opinion on the problem.We asked readers if given the alternative, would you upgrade your Android-based Huawei phone to run on Harmony OS in its place?Here's what you told us.Before we get into the numbers, it's worth citing just how open-minded readers were in the poll. 83. 5% of all respondents could be open to the assumption of leaping from EMUI 11 to Harmony OS.In effect, around four in every five Huawei users in our poll would suppose dropping Android for Huawei's fledgling OS.That's a substantial share.A little over 40% of respondents have reservations though, citing Harmony OS's features as the picking factor. Huawei hasn't given us any major indication of those just yet, so it's understandable to see such a high variety of users on the fence.See also: Huawei Mate 40 Pro – Everything we know so far and what we want to see

Just in need of 43% of voters are not looking for the Chinese firm to prove the rest, though. They would immediately jump platforms if given the slightest sniff of an option.

We've seen in outdated polls how the promise of prolonged OS support can sway users' buying decisions, and Harmony OS could allow Huawei to raised aid its legacy contraptions. The company is also promising cross-device integration with its other Harmony OS wares, so it's arguably a more future-proof answer than Android-based EMUI.Not all and sundry is convinced, though. 16. 5% of voters would refuse an upgrade to Harmony OS if given the choice.Either these users are content with the EMUI 11 and Android combo, or are protecting out to see if the US trade ban continues into 2021.Most people don't consider in the existence of this OS. Now they can shut up. I do think Huawei OS might be a big fulfillment on account that either Google Android or IOS are capable of what Harmony can do.

That's all from this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments.If you've got any residual comments you'd like to voice, make sure to drop them in the comments part below.

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