The Zenfone 7 Pro Camera Has A Neat Video Trick Up Its Sleeve

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Slow-motion video, when done right, can be spectacular. The Asus Zenfone 7 Pro understands just how amazing slo-mo video can be.

Up until the past decade, capturing slow-motion video required large, heavy, and costly cameras. However, smartphones have had slow-motion functions for many years. Heck, some recent Huawei gadgets can shoot 7680fps video — albeit with a hefty excellent drop. The caveat is that as frame rates rise, high-quality generally falls. This drop in satisfactory can are available in many forms — determination, reduced field of view, frame interpolation, and high compression.

A normal smartphone can shoot 720p slow-motion at 120fps. A flagship may be capable of shoot 1080p at 240fps, and 720p at 960fps. If you want to shoot Ultra HD 4K, you're consistently stuck with 60fps, even on the maximum-end smartphones.The Zenfone 7 Pro can shoot 4K video at up to 120fps — and it's surprising.Our verdict: Asus Zenfone 7 Pro review

How does it perform?

Above is a few slow-motion video pictures captured on the Asus Zenfone 7 Pro.Let's take a bit a closer examine the set of clips in the order that they seem in the video.First off, I shot a video of me practicing soccer freestyle. The lighting fixtures is very challenging, as it's shaded under tall walls and fences, with harsh sunlight peeking through the trees. The footage looks sharp with correct color and constant exposure. There is a little noise against the proper-hand side of the photo where the light drops, but for slow-motion footage, here's impressively precise and sharp.Next, I kicked some sand on a beach to push the Zenfone 7 Pro's detail-resolving capacity.You can easily see individual grains of sand flying up off the beach. In this clip, the phone had to show for the very harsh sunlight. As a result, my shorts and shoes are almost beaten. There continues to be detail in the material of both, but not much.This slow-motion footage is impressively special and sharp.

In a basic swooping shot of the beach, you can make out the seagulls and the ripples in the sand. Highlights have not disappeared in the sky either. You can still make out the clouds, and there is even some detail and color in the manufacturing facility and its surrounding trees in the space. This was the main difficult clip to catch due to the substantial dynamic range. Yet, the Zenfone still managed it.Very important!

Next, I dropped an SD card on my desk while hand-protecting the phone. This is low-ish light, so that you could see some noise and noise-reduction artifacts in the desk pad and SD card itself. Since the shutter speed has to come right down to allow for more light intake, the slow-motion isn't as crisp.In the next few clips of water pouring from taps, the videos are sharp, but the phone isn't in a position to catch pictures fast enough to make the water look clear. 120fps isn't quite enough but switching to faster frame rates results in much worse-browsing photos.This lower-decision pictures is more akin to what we're used to seeing from other smartphones, and while enough, isn't nearly as impressive.Want to check out the total-excellent slow-motion clips yourself?You can find them in this Google Drive folder.Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

It's shocking to see such a complicated characteristic from a gap €799 device when such a lot of more expensive phones do not have it. We picked up on this function drop when the phone introduced.After some usage during the review period, we decided to take a deeper dive and push it to its limits.The Ultra HD 4K 120fps slow motion is a continual taking pictures mode, not a burst. This implies that you're not left scrambling to hit record at the perfect time. I took a 25-minute Ultra HD 4K 120fps video and while the phone got hot, it didn't get uncomfortably hot and didn't shut down.See also: The best Android camera phones that you may get

Typically, you're more prone to shoot shorter slow-motion videos, because the final product may be slowed down.I shot in a couple of of situations including sunlight hours, low light, outdoors, indoors, hand-held, and on a tripod.>DSLR.


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