Report: This Mid-range Samsung Phone Was The Top Android Device In H1 2020

Report: This mid-range Samsung phone was the tip Android device in H1 2020

iPhone 11 far and away the no 1 device.The analytics company found that Apple shipped a gargantuan 37.7 million iPhone 11 units during this era. Just how big is that, then?Well, the second-placed Samsung Galaxy A51 shipped 11. 4 million units (over 26 million units fewer). Nevertheless, the Samsung device stands tall as the pinnacle-promoting Android phone in H1 2020, in keeping with the firm. But it was the only Samsung phone in the pinnacle 10 though.Check out the list below.diverse monitoring firms. It's believed that this transformation is because of China's COVID-19 recovery coinciding with the likes of Europe and the US going into lockdown, with Huawei capable of depend on its main market of China during this period.

It's also appealing to note that there are not any 5G phones in this top ten yet. We're still in the early days of 5G phones, but mid-range 5G devices are already obtainable in a number of markets. Nevertheless, we're definitely expecting the next crop of iPhones to provide 5G and appear in the head 10.

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