Report: Samsung Is Making A Huge Profit On Every Note 20 Ultra Sold

Report: Samsung is making a huge profit on every Note 20 Ultra sold

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

  • Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra reportedly costs $549 to make.

  • The figure does not include other costs like analysis and advertising.

  • Either way, it feels like the firm is making a healthy profit.

Manufacturers are likely to make a big profit on each top class phone sold, and it seems like it's no different with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.Counterpoint Research has posted its analysis of the Note 20 Ultra's bill of elements (h/t: SamMobile), claiming that the phone costs just $549 to make. This figure contains the obvious cost of accessories in addition to other figures like assembly, checking out, in-box add-ons, and the S-Pen.The bill of ingredients does not include costs related to advertising, licensing, and R&D. So Samsung isn't quite making ~$750 in profit on the $1,300 phone, but it definitely points to a big profit margin on the other hand.Counterpoint's analysis also points to the Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset, X55 modem, and plenty of RF accessories surroundings Samsung back approximately $154.This is probably going in response to cost disclosures from analysts and Xiaomi. The Chinese firm stated in advance this year that the Snapdragon 865 and X55 combo is double the cost of the Snapdragon 855 and 4G modem, with CEO Lei Jun later saying it cost ~$70 extra over the Mi 9's silicon.The analysis company adds that the mmWave 5G version of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is also peculiarly more expensive than the sub-6GHz 5G model. "The mmWave adaptation costs approximately 10% more than the sub-6GHz variation when it comes to total element costs," senior analyst Ethan Qi was quoted as saying.We've also previously seen the mmWave Galaxy S20 lack microSD garage and offer less RAM than the average S20, ostensibly due to design and cost concerns.It's doubtful if the mmWave-toting Note 20 Ultra has suffered from any identical cutbacks.In any event, it's clear that Samsung is making a tidy profit with every Galaxy Note 20 Ultra sold. But we'll have to wait and notice if sales in fact delay or if the high price has scared some clients away.


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