Report: Huawei Making Plans To Deliver Far Fewer Phones In 2021

Report: Huawei making plans to provide far fewer phones in 2021

no 1 cellphone brand in Q2 2020, passing Samsung to take the crown. It's widely believed that the manufacturer was able to capitalize on a COVID-19 recovery in its home market of China while Samsung's strongholds of Europe and North America were being hit hard by the pandemic.Unfortunately for Huawei, Korean outlet The Elec now reports that the brand is planning to produce far fewer smartphones in 2021.Huawei reportedly told its South Korean subcontractors that it plans to supply just 50 million units next year.How does that compare to 2020 then?Well, it would be a 74% drop compared to its anticipated shipment of 190 million units this year. Furthermore, Huawei shipped over 55 million units in Q2 2020 alone. The Korean ebook adds that the US ban is directly in charge for the obvious 2021 figure.Huawei has been adversely plagued by US sanctions towards the company, barring the firm from using Google facilities on its new gadgets while also barring using many US components. But Washington's move to bar the likes of chipmaker TSMC from generating Huawei's own Kirin chips means that the firm will need to rely on other chipmakers, stockpiles of present processors, in addition to chips from the likes of MediaTek.

Furthermore, the Chinese giant is set to depend on fellow Chinese company SMIC to produce some of its Kirin chips. However, it these days emerged that the US could take action towards SMIC besides.The move towards Huawei could open the door for other avid gamers to expand, and The Elec‘s sources said that Samsung is aiming to be competitive in Europe and India next year. The outlet says Samsung is taking potential of the US action in opposition t Huawei and Sino-Indian tensions in targeting Europe and India respectively. More in particular, it's mentioned that Samsung is aiming to ship 300 million smartphones next year.


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