Huawei P40 Pro Review: Refinement Done Right

Last year, the Huawei P30 Pro was probably the greatest camera phones the industry had ever seen. Its innovative periscope zoom camera and ambitious image quality were nothing in need of fabulous, and we loved it.This year, due to the debate with the US govt and the lack of Google apps, the P40 Pro bursts from the gate with an laborious handicap. Its lack of Google amenities will likely have some patrons pushing aside it as an improve option. Are its hardware strengths enough to make up for its application weaknesses?Stick around to discover in Android Authority's Huawei P40 Pro review.

About this review: I used the Huawei P40 Pro on the O2 network in the UK as my main phone for six days. The device was operating EMUI 10. 1 according to Android 10 with the build number: 10. 1. 0. 112.The Huawei P40 Pro review unit was provided to Android Authority by Huawei.

Design and exhibit: Intentionally ergonomic at the cost of cohesiveness

  • 158. 2 x 72. 6 x 9mm

  • 209g

  • IP68 water and dirt resistance

  • 6. 58-in Full HD+ (2,640 x 1,200), 19. 8:9 aspect ratio

  • Punch hole AMOLED

  • 90Hz refresh rate

glass that's curved on all four sides to imitate water on the point of breaking surface anxiety. This outcomes in a completely unique aesthetic that may not be to each person's taste — by no means mine. I can't quite put my finger on it, however the ultra-thin bezels just look odd, particularly head-on. However, the design's byproduct is fantastic ergonomic improvements.

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For example, swipe gestures have become the default way to navigate our phones. Some contraptions fight to make the gestures feel seamless due to harsh transition from metal to glass, specifically the tip and bottom edges. With the P40 Pro's curved glass, swiping in from any path feels smoother than anything else I've ever used.weight-distribution, ends up in a phenomenal feel in the hand. I'm convinced that this is one of the best-feeling phone on the market.IR-blaster and microphone are satisfyingly aligned, and a similar goes for the bottom-mounted SIM tray, microphone, USB-C port, and speaker. Everything feels calculated and clean.The handset is IP68-rated to provide you with peace of mind that your $1,000 device will continue to exist some spillage or a quick swim.Huawei's design decisions can cause some potential buyers to shy away from the P40 Pro. The excessively rounded screen corners, the massive camera bump, the distractingly-big punch-hole, and the atypical raised corners take it down a peg or two for me. You can tell Huawei was trying to 2020-ify the P30 Pro and the outcome is not quite the prettiest phone accessible.Huawei was looking to 2020-ify the device and it's done exactly that.Huawei has finally added a high-refresh-rate reveal to one of its flagships.The P40 Pro's 90Hz AMOLED panel looks great. Despite its middling choice in comparison to the competitors, this looks like the best screen ever suited to a Huawei device. Viewing angles are superb, with little to no color shift when tilting the device off-axis. At over 440 nits sustained brightness, it is not topping any charts, but I found it bright enough for viewing in direct sunlight. I got to test that out in my garden during the annoyingly sunny quarantine period we've had in the UK.

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Performance & hardware: Good enough

  • Octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G chipset

  • 8GB RAM

  • 256GB garage

  • NM card slot

  • 4,200mAh battery

  • 40W SuperCharge wired

  • 27W SuperCharge wireless

  • 27W opposite wireless

Mate 30 Pro gave us a preview of the P40 Pro's performance due to its identical processor/memory setup. In summary, the Kirin 990 is a good system-on-a-chip (SoC) with equivalent CPU power to the Snapdragon 855, but with lesser GPU functionality.

The P40 Pro was mostly buttery smooth because of the Kirin 990 5G and 8GB RAM. There were a couple of frame drops in high-depth 3D gaming titles, in particular Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. They weren't game-breaking whatsoever, but they were great. This is likely due to older GPU. To help the phone sustain high frame rates, Huawei really will are looking to upgrade the GPU in a better generation of the Kirin chipset.

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Spec heads can be disillusioned with 8GB of RAM when there are phones with 12 and 16GB of RAM accessible. However, I can safely say that 8GB is enough memory in 2020. It helps that Huawei's task control is brutal and constantly releasing up memory by killing old apps. On the flip side, this may detract from the adventure. Some users have reported podcast and music apps disappearing from their recents due to Huawei's aggressive RAM control.

sub-6GHz 5G bands. The Kirin 990 5G integrates its 5G modem right into the chipset, which leads to greater power efficiency compared to Qualcomm's 5G discrete modem. Its lack of mmWave aid puts it at an obstacle compared to the Snapdragon 865 in international locations just like the US that have a heavy focus on mmWave.That said, there's presently much more sub-6 coverage internationally, and the P40 Pro won't be sold in the States so it is not such a worry.Unlocking the telephone is as quick as will be expected from a device costing four figures. The optical in-exhibit fingerprint scanner, which Huawei claims is 30% larger and 30% faster than the outdated model, is a significant benefit. It registered my thumb with a way better hit rate than the P30">Editor's Pick

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The face-unlock is super quick, too, though not quite as snappy as the Pixel 4's in my experience. The P40 Pro depends upon infrared technology to help detect the user's face, even in the dark. It works as advertised.Huawei has built a name for growing smartphones that last forever on a charge.Two days is what I've come to expect from a Huawei flagship. The P40 Pro is absolutely no different, and I persistently got two days out of the phone.3D games as I could. What I accompanied was something rather great.(Remember, here is not standard phone use. ) The P40 Pro still managed over seven hours of screen-on time despite these unrealistically intense situations. That means be sure you easily be able to get eight, if not ten, hours when being more cautious with the settings.Continue reading: The Android phones with the most effective battery life in 2020

A 40W SuperCharge adapter is protected in the box to take the 4,200mAh battery from zero to 100% in 74 mins. This will possibly not sound all that useful if you are coming from a Mate 30 Pro, which has the same 40W charging, but it gets all of the way to 97% in only 60 mins.40W is about where we'd expect the charging to be for a 2020 flagship as it sits right in the center among the Galaxy S20's 25W and the Find X2 Pro‘s 65W. The P40 Pro trickle expenses the last few percent points to preserve long-term battery life — something I'm definitely on board with. 27W wireless charging is also supported, though I was not in a position to test the wireless charging due to lack of hardware availability.I was capable of test the reverse wireless charging. This worked really well for Qi-charging watches, earphones, or even phones (though not marketed).I topped up my iPhone 11 in a pinch and while it wasn't quick, now and again you only need enough juice to make it to a higher power outlet and here is best for that.2, 26mm

  • Ultra HD / 4K at 60fps (front and rear)

  • 720p HD at 7680fps

  • 1080p Full HD at 960fps

telephoto, and time of flight (ToF) cameras on the back. Up front is a 32MP selfie shooter backed up by laser-guided autofocus. The setup is pretty stacked, as it has to be to compete with other 2020 flagships.

What isn't so common is that this certain combo of cameras. The main 50MP RYYB camera has a mammoth 1/1. 28-inch sensor, making it the biggest of any smartphone on the market — eclipsing even the Samsung's 108MP S20 Ultra's 1/1. 33-inch sensor. The images that come from this thing are superb. The colors are bright and colourful without fitting an eye-sore; dynamic range is brilliant thanks to Huawei's HDR tuning; detail is fantastic even in the pixel-binned mode, and natural subject isolation is barely fabulous.The below shots weren't taken in portrait or aperture modes, this is what the hardware is able of in the de facto "Photo"">

Some of us at Android Authority feared the P40 Pro might fight with autofocus similar to the S20 Ultra due to the large sensor. Unfortunately, our fears were reasonably founded, though the P40 Pro doesn't fight as much. Most of the time the phone locked focus and not using a hitch, but particularly close or small subjects would throw the system off in short.From a zoom attitude, it's an identical 5x periscope optical and 30x electronic hybrid setup from the P30 Pro. This time, though, the sensor has been upgraded to a 12MP RYYB affair, which vastly improves the quantity of detail captured in zoom photos.Given a fit amount of light, the optical zoom effects are superb. When you go below a definite light level, even though, the program switches to the basic camera and crops digitally. This outcomes in tremendously softer images, though they are in another way relatively margin-left: 0; /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-comprises/media. php */ 1x zoom 5x zoom 10x zoom

Portrait and aperture modes didn't need much tweaking. Huawei sophisticated these points extra and they are now that far better. The consequences from the P40 Pro's portrait mode don't disappoint. Subject isolation is on point, as is the focal point roll-off where there isn't a sharp divide between in focus and out of focus points.Huawei permits you to change the kind of simulated bokeh, and I very much enjoyed fooling around with this">

Low-light photography has been a robust point for Huawei and the P40 Pro does not deviate.The RYYB sensor seems to assist a lot with detail trap, and the P40 Pro can truly see in the dark with its night mode. I live in a fairly light-polluted town, yet the telephone could handily capture the stars right above my house. There were a few less-than-best outcomes due in all probability to my shaky hands, but often I was very inspired with what the P40 Pro could margin-left: 0; /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-contains/media. php */

The 40MP ultra-wide cine camera from the Mate 30 Pro made its way to the P40 Pro and it's a brilliant improve.It's a significantly larger sensor than the P30 Pro's with four times the decision. This results in far better low-light functionality in ultra-wide mode, and some really clean-browsing images at the cost of a somewhat tighter shot. The old ultra-wide lens was a 16mm equal, whereas the P40 Pro's is an 18mm affair with a narrower field of view. This also implies that the P40 Pro omits Huawei's staple Super Macro mode, which applied the 20MP ultra-wide float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; #gallery-25 img border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; #gallery-25 . gallery-caption margin-left: 0; /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media. php */

The 32MP selfie shooter is able to seize a whole lot detail and color in just about all lighting conditions. I was especially impressed with the skill to accurately capture skin tones in various environments. There now not appears to be like the unwanted and intrusive skin-smoothing which has traditionally been a controversy even if choosing "off" in the menu. It seems to seize individual hairs rather well with out mixing them in combination, and its highlight roll-off is smooth and herbal.

#gallery-26 margin: auto; #gallery-26 . gallery-item float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 25%; #gallery-26 img border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; #gallery-26 . gallery-caption margin-left: 0; /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media. php */

Dynamic range can be inconsistent, though, as you can see in my sample images (link below). Whilst the P40 Pro's front-facing photos aren't bad, I would still call the Pixel 4 the king of selfies due to the better color reproduction and detail trap. Huawei has completely refined last year's selfie shooter, however the agency still has a bit of work to do to catch Google in this front.Continue studying: Huawei P40 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL camera

The P40 Pro's rear camera layout is capable of shooting Ultra HD / 4K video at up to 60 frames per second, in addition to super slow motion at up to an eye-watering 7680fps. Both modes are available on the ultra-wide and wide cameras.The ensuing videos are okay, but Huawei's video always seems to lack anything. There's loads of detail with generally quick autofocus and publicity adjustment, but it lacks assessment and character. The camera also seems to lean in opposition t warm tones in video capture.I've said it time and again before and I'll proceed to say it: Huawei's camera app is by far the most effective on the market. There's an ideal balance among ease of use and a buttload of facets and settings. My only court cases are that there are too many modes along the base and a few can get lost off the screen, and that the entire-decision mode is now in a menu to the far right of the mode carousel.Other than that, here is peak camera">

As an usual camera kit, the P40 Pro is little short of brilliant. It's the best cellphone shooter that money can buy, and is the reason to purchase the phone.Full-choice Huawei P40 Pro photo samples are available here.Android 10. It may be Android, but be aware that Google Play Services, the Google Play Store, and most Google apps are not available.EMUI is just like Marmite — some find it irresistible, and a few hate it. This is as a result of, like many Chinese phone businesses, it's clear that certain parts of the OS are attempting to be like iOS. Clear examples are in the elements app and the share sheet as shown below.

#gallery-28 margin: auto; #gallery-28 . gallery-item float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 25%; #gallery-28 img border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; #gallery-28 . gallery-caption margin-left: 0; /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-contains/media. php */ iOS Weather App EMUI Weather App iOS Share Sheet EMUI Share Sheet

Old annoyances remain, such as having to switch on the app drawer or wading via a gaggle of home screen folders and pre-installed apps. Thankfully these items can be fixed if you don't mind sinking in the time. EMUI does have its perks. A double knock to screenshot is handy, as are the battery optimization tools.Now to the beef and potatoes: Huawei'a AppGallery replaces Google's Play Store. This is rather disturbing for those of us in the West who use apps similar to Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as a result of they're not accessible in AppGallery.

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There are a few ways to get around this. You can use Phone Clone to transfer apps from your current Android or iOS device. Unfortunately, Phone Clone is hit or miss because it won't transfer over all your apps. For example, it controlled to transfer just five apps, but none of them were really that important — a few games. You can use also try third-party app stores corresponding to APKPure or Amazon's app store. Finally, you could set up individual APKs from APK sites or facilities like Whatsapp and Facebook.Downloading APKs is the more a hit method, but there is no guarantee that app APKs will work once">

A lot of applications require Google services with the intention to run — including some you would possibly not expect.Minecraft, for instance, will install using Phone Clone but won't run without Google services. While some are obvious, discovering which apps require Google — and thus will work on the P40 Pro — might be the largest hurdle for those that decide to buy this phone. Huawei needs (more time) to convince more developers to help its app platform.Another answer is to run apps throughout the browser and create links for them on the house screen. However, this highlights one of the issues with browser-based apps. For instance, YouTube via the browser does not let you cast to a Google device, nor are you able to pinch-to-zoom to fill the demonstrate.Moreover, mobile banking apps and others that required two-factor authentication, don't work well in the browser.A lot of apps won't run with out Google amenities.This is where the P40 Pro falls flat on its face for me, and it's not an easy fix. Unfortunately, until the agency can get more apps in AppGallery, it's a no-go for plenty of people.As of June 2020, Here WeGo is now accessible on App Gallery as an alternative choice to Google Maps.This is an early but vital step in the path towards a Google Play Store competitor and offers the P40 Pro a nice bump in functionality and value. Netflix has also become accessible from 0,33-party store and is operating, though content won't play at FHD, rather a lower resolution. It's not ideal, but it's better than not anything.In June, Huawei also rolled out EMUI 10. 1. With it comes Sound Booster and Find My phone Features.However, likely the most critical and bold addition is Huawei's Golden Snap which permits the user to "create moving pictures, reduce reflections, and take away passersby". This update also improves video clarity at a distance and in low-light scenarios. Lastly, it adds the allotted capability to Gallery. This will help you view, search, and share media on your Huawei gadgets that are signed in to your Huawei ID. With most of this update being camera improvements, it is advisable to see the firm lean into its most admired characteristic.58-inch OLED, 2,640 x 1,200 (19. 8:9)
In-demonstrate fingerprint sensor

6. 58-inch OLED, 2,640 x 1,200 (19. 8:9)
In-demonstrate fingerprint sensor6. 1-inch OLED, 2,340 x 1,080 (19.5:9)
In-show fingerprint sensor
ProcessorHiSilicon Kirin 990
Octa-core CPU (2 Cortex-A76 @ 2. 86GHz, 2 Cortex-A76 @ 2. 36GHz, 4 Cortex-A55 @ 1. 95GHz)
Dual NPU
Mali-G76 MP16 GPUHiSilicon Kirin 990
Octa-core CPU (2 Cortex-A76 @ 2. 86GHz, 2 Cortex-A76 @ 2.36GHz, 4 Cortex-A55 @ 1. 95GHz)
Dual NPU
Mali-G76 MP16 GPUHiSilicon Kirin 990
Octa-core CPU (2 Cortex-A76 @ 2. 86GHz, 2 Cortex-A76 @ 2. 36GHz, 4 Cortex-A55 @ 1. 95GHz)
Dual NPU
Mali-G76 MP16 GPU



50MP f/1. 9 (RYYB) with OIS
40MP f/1.8 ultra-wide
8MP f/4. 4 10x periscope with OIS
8MP f/2. 4 3x telephoto with OIS
3D ToF
IR sensorRear:
50MP f/1. 9 (RYYB) with OIS
40MP f/1. 8 ultra-wide
12MP f/3.4 5x periscope
3D ToF
IR sensorRear:
50MP f/1. 9 (RYYB) with OIS
16MP f/2. 2 ultra-wide
8MP f/2. 4 3x telephoto

40W wired charging
40W wireless charging4,200mAh
40W wired charging
40W instant charging3,800mAh
22. 5W wired charging

IP RatingIP68IP68IP53

SoftwareEMUI 10. 1
Android 10EMUI 10.1
Android 10EMUI 10. 1
Android 10

Value and competitors

  • Huawei P40 Pro: 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM — €999 (~$1,080)

The P40 Pro's price point puts it in direct competitors with the 5G edition of the Galaxy S20 from Samsung (€1,029), the Galaxy S20 Plus (€1,129), as well as the iPhone 11 Pro from Apple (€1,189). From a hardware viewpoint, the P40 Pro holds up. When you accept as true with the app situation, though, that you may't expect to sell numerous units outside of China.A shame Google apps are lacking.

  • €999 at Amazon
  • £899. 99 at Huawei
  • £899. 99 at Carphone Warehouse
  • £893. 29 at Three UK

There's no denying that, in virtually every category, the P40 Pro backs up its hefty price ticket. Its camera is arguably the best for sale at the moment, the build quality is stellar, and the battery tech is vibrant.It's a killer phone for Chinese consumers, and it's neck and neck with Samsung's Galaxy S20 from a price-for-money point of view.Huawei P40 series gets new EMUI update with telephoto picture-in-image mode

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