Here’s What Huawei Has To Say About Android Updates After US License Expiration

US license expiration at length. However, the agency has now responded to a user on Twitter in regards to the future of application updates for its existing phones with Google facilities.Assuring a Huawei Nova 5T user, the agency noted in its tweet that the latest development will have "no impact" on its present phones.The Chinese phone maker has also promised that it will continue providing updates to current instruments.Huawei/Twitter

It's doubtful, however, if current Huawei phones with GMS gets updates for Google Play apps and amenities going forward. These are generally rolled out by Google at once and Huawei now not has a license to conduct company with the agency.The OS and safety updates that Huawei is regarding in its tweet could be what it can get during the Android Open Source Project.The firm definitely needs to deliver more clarity on its plans. Meanwhile, Google remains silent on the problem.


Dated : 2020-10-20 05:49:02

Category : News

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