Google Nest Wifi Vs Google Wifi: Should You Enhance Your Mesh Wi-Fi Network?

Google Nest Wifi vs Google Wifi: Should you improve your mesh Wi-Fi community?

smart home devices under the Google Nest moniker. One of the most recent additions to the starting to be family is the Google Nest Wifi — the successor to the Google Wifi mesh router that introduced back in 2016.

The common Google Wifi was widely praised for its simplicity in extending community coverage among rooms through assorted units. Google says the Nest Wifi is better in every way, with higher specs and some not obligatory new smart home characteristics.Is it worth upgrading to the Nest Wifi if you already have a Google Wifi?What are the adjustments among the two mesh routers?Find out in this Google Nest Wifi vs Google Wifi evaluation!

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Is the Google Nest Wifi faster than Google Wifi?

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What meaning in apply is that you're going to be able to attach far more contraptions to the Nest Wifi before your bandwidth starts straining.Both routers hit the Wi-Fi 5 normal (IEEE 802. 11ac) and support beamforming, in addition to Google's own special tech which switches signal among bands as you progress around your property to maintain the strongest connection.If you have got an ultra-fast connection capable of 300-500Mbps speeds there are technically better options available, though very few routers are as user-pleasant as Google's. In addition, the loss of Wi-Fi 6 assist removes a bit of future-proofing from both models.

It's also worth noting that the Google Nest Wifi Points are scaled back to AC1200 with the same antennas as the common Google Wifi, though they are still a little more effectual in terms of raw specs. If you want the quickest speeds throughout your home or company you need the Nest Wifi units, not the Points.The 10 best Google items you should purchase

In checking out the brand new devices, I made the Nest Wifi my basic router, replaced one of the nodes with a Point, and reused an older Google Wifi router in my office. I'm now getting above at 120Mbps in each room in my house with each router in the exact same destinations as before.That's quite an improve.Don't trust me?Here are the before and after speed test effects:


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The improved connection is the result of the higher coverage from the base Nest Wifi, which Google says covers 2,200 square feet vs the 1,500 square foot insurance from the older Google Wifi. The Nest Wifi Points cover 1,600 square feet.USB-C.A especially welcome change is the subtle LED indicator light that is now a small dot as adverse to the large pulsing ring that wrapped across the Google Wifi pucks. The Nest Wifi Points sit somewhere in the center with a round LED around the bottom edge.Google Assistant help.

Each Point practically doubles up as a Google Nest Mini with all the voice commands, music playback, and smart home controls you get with any Google smart speaker. There's also a mute button on the back in case you want some privacy.The audio excellent is distinctly good for a glorified router. The 360-degree sound is on par with the Nest Mini and an advantage on the older Google Home Mini I was previously using in the bedroom where my Nest Wifi Point now resides.As well as the drop in insurance and network speed, the Nest Wifi Points also lose out on the ethernet ports found on the general Nest Wifi (and Google Wifi). That means that you could't backhaul your mesh community from a Point.

Can I use my old Google Wifi routers with Nest Wifi?

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The technique of atmosphere every little thing back up took me around 30 minutes, so it isn't a painful ordeal in any respect.Plus, the effects are more than worth the effort.You can technically add up to 200(!) Nest Wifi, Google Wifi, and Nest Wifi Points to a single network, though anything over three might be overkill for a reasonably-sized family home.Unfortunately, there's no Google OnHub aid, so if you have one of the most old TP-Link or Asus mesh routers you won't be in a position to include them on an analogous network.With the customary Google Wifi routers the setup and management was all handled by the bespoke Google Wifi app. That app still exists, but for the Nest Wifi you now must use the Google Home app to create or add to your network.In a slightly awkward move, though, you will want both apps to get all the traits for the Nest Wifi and Google Wifi routers.

Don't uninstall the Google Wifi app just yet!

The Home app, that's a one-stop-shop for all Google smart home instruments, grants options to add parental controls, create a guest community, enable a mode for optimizing site visitors for Google Stadia to maximize performance, and toggle WPA3 protection. Those latter two qualities are also backwards suitable with latest Google Wifi contraptions throughout the Home app.However, if you want to tweak your network through the superior alternatives you'll automatically be re-directed to the Google Wifi app. Here that you would be able to alter your DNS, WAN, LAN settings, change your NAT type, handle port management, and a gaggle of different settings reserved for power users. The Google Wifi app also allows you to manually prioritize specific instruments on a community to optimize functionality.pick up a few bundles on Amazon and other major marketers.For the Google Nest Wifi there are loads of router combos available. At Amazon which you can pick up a Google Nest Wifi router for $169 or a two-pack for $299.Alternatively, you can purchase a two-pack with the Google Nest Wifi and a Google Nest Wifi Point for $269 from Best Buy, or a three-pack with two Points for $349. A standalone Nest Wifi Point can be bought for $149, but it may be noted you'll need a Nest Wifi or Google Wifi to act as the fundamental router first.

Google Nest Wifi vs Google Wifi verdict: Should you upgrade?

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That's it for our Google Nest Wifi vs Google Wifi assessment. Do you suspect the Nest Wifi is enough of an improve?Will you be picking up a Point for Google Assistant?Let us know in the comments.


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