Everything You Want To Learn About EMUI 11

Everything you wish to find out about EMUI 11

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

EMUI 11 is Huawei‘s latest tackle Android 10, not Android 11, as you could have expected from the naming scheme. That's pretty big news, as it's a departure from Huawei's outdated scheme of matching EMUI and Android build numbers. This implies that present and upcoming Huawei instruments won't sport the newest Google additions to the Android formula, depending instead on Huawei's own tweaks.Huawei notes that Google has only just made Android 11 open source for them to access and that it believes EMUI already comprises advanced traits anyway.We won't dwell on that here. Let's see what's actually new with EMUI 11. Huawei's latest update focuses on three core ideas: user interface advancements, privacy and defense, and what Huawei calls "seamless AI life. "

We got our hands of an early EMUI 11 edition operating on the Huawei P40 Pro to try out one of the vital new features for ourselves — read more about our impressions at the link below.For a more universal assessment of the latest EMUI update, here's everything you deserve to know concerning the new EMUI 11 characteristics and rollout.Read more: Hands-on with Huawei EMUI 11 — Still working throughout the Google divorce

EMUI 11 traits

Customizable always-on exhibit

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

EMUI 10 introduced always-on displays (AOD) to Huawei smartphones, but version 11 takes things to a better level with some new user customizations.The company is offering a set of AOD designs encouraged by a whole lot of art styles.Three of the alternatives are Piet Mondrian, Memphis style, and Mobius Strip encouraged themes. Each is customizable with various colors and layout tweaks so users could make them their very own. There are more common looking clockface AOD designs too. If that isn't enough, that you would be able to take an image and Huawei's application will analyze the colors for you and apply a design.Related: The best Android themes, theming apps, and customizations

Huawei also comprises Dynamic AOD to introduce subtle routine into the designs. Users may also apply their own still images, live photos, or lively gifs to their screen for further customization.There's not much in the way of tweaking the advice on reveal, but EMUI 11 gives users a range of customization options for the look of its always-on demonstrate.Huawei hasn't revamped all the UI this time around, as a substitute selecting to focus on animation and practical advancements. At an off-the-cuff glance, you could struggle to inform this wasn't EMUI 10.That said, animations are additional more suitable through anything Huawei calls "animation in one-take". The idea is to do away with sudden transitions in favor of zooming and moving shared points around the demonstrate. The outcomes aren't only more beautiful to examine, but in addition feel much snappier to boot.

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

These smoother animations are available across Huawei's program, adding its calendar, gallery, and video apps. To come up with this concept, Huawei lower back to its Human-Factors Engineering Research Lab, which designed the manufacturer's adaptive Dark Mode with EMUI 10. The agency looked to improve its animations by monitoring and decreasing eye events. It definitely pays off, however the downside is that it becomes quite substantive when other apps use various and/or more jarring transitions.So, kudos to Huawei, I suppose.EMUI 11 also makes adjustments to a phone's vibrations, matching them up to keep away from a jarring user event. For instance, vibrations now track ringtones and alarms, pulsing in the same rhythm.However, the biggest change to EMUI comes with Smart Multi-Window, which significantly complements multitasking functions. It builds on Huawei's previous edge dock characteristic, introducing a "quick ball" or floating orb that's used to house active application windows. Users can simply reopen apps in an adjustable floating window that hovers over any foreground app.Large screen contraptions, just like the Huawei Mate XS, will help commencing two floating home windows at once for even more potent multitasking.com/i/blog/1600665022/aHR0cHM6Ly9jZG41Ny5hbmRyb2lkYXV0aG9yaXR5Lm5ldC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAyMC8wOS9FTVVJLTExLVNtYXJ0LU11bHRpLVdpbmRvdy0xLTQwMHg3NTQuanBn">

This feature is Huawei's best addition to EMUI, as power users will absolutely find the multitasking capacity invaluable. That said, getting used to minimizing apps in and out of the orb takes a while, and I think about that many users may end up forgetting this feature exists.

Privacy and safety

Security is the third and final pillar of Huawei's latest OS program, which builds on ideas that started with EMUI 10. For starters, Huawei has remodeled app permissions.With EMUI 11, notification icons exhibit whenever a foreground app uses your phone's vicinity, microphone, or camera. Background apps at the moment are absolutely forbidden from using the mic and camera. Permission pop-ups for these settings now not exhibit an choice to "always allow".It is in its place relegated to the permissions supervisor settings menu.Huawei has also brought new permission access historical past and app launch record pages to the settings menu, enabling you to see times and variety of requests.php */

The Chinese manufacturer has built new privacy characteristics into a couple of its apps too. There's now an authentication covered Hidden Album in the Photo Gallery, which hides photos from snoopers and third-party functions alike. Memo contents offer the same locking feature to hide secret content material.Sharing is now safer too. Photo sharing offers the option to remove place, time, and device metadata.The Safety Casting function, on the other hand, prevents phone, SMS, and other notifications from performing on the TV when casting your exhibit.Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Huawei's environment spans a variety of goods and the agency is operating to integrate them ever closer in combination. Multi-screen Collaboration enters its third new release, allowing you to share documents, watch movies, and play mobile games out of your phone to your Huawei or Honor laptop.Up to three apps are now supported on a single PC simultaneously for more desirable multitasking.Huawei's Celia Voice Assistant also gets some love, with new support for Italian and German. This brings the full to 7 various languages available in 11 countries. The MeeTime voice call service also sees a much wider rollout, heading to Poland, Singapore, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa, across three gadgets.Huawei hasn't proven a particular date for the arrival of EMUI 11 yet.What we do know is that we can expect it first on upcoming Huawei smartphones and tablets. It will likely make its debut with the Huawei Mate 40 series.During its Developer Conference keynote, Huawei announced the beginning of its EMUI 11 beta program for those searching to try out pre-final program. Early updates can be available for the P40, Mate 30, and MatePad Pro ranges starting from September 10. Beta models for the Honor 30, V30, Nova 7, and others are due to arrive later down the line in addition.Interestingly enough, instruments working EMUI 11 may even be eligible to improve to Harmony OS, Huawei's in-house Android operating system, further down the line.

We'll update this text as more particulars about EMUI 11 appear. In the interim, tell us in the comments if you'd like the best way the latest EMUI 11 update is shaping up.


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