Android 11 Is Just A Subtle Improve, And That’s OK

Android 11 is simply a subtle upgrade, and that's OK

Update, September 8, 2020 (02:00 PM ET): With brand new launch of the stable edition of Android 11, we tweaked this post a bit to mirror new counsel. The fashioned sentiment from its long-established post date of June 10, though, is">Opinion post byC. Scott Brown

Today, Google released a stable edition of Android 11. We've seen a number of developer previews and betas since February, but today marks the reputable rollout of the final product.With the stable edition of the working system on our phones, we all know precisely what Android 11 looks and looks like. Unfortunately, if you were looking forward to a drastic overhaul that might operate in completely different ways as in comparison to other models of Android, you will be very disillusioned.Truth be told, Android 11 feels a lot like Android 10, which in turn felt a lot like Android 9 Pie.In fact, it has been years since Android saw the sort of redesigns we witnessed in its early days, which could make the OS feel a bit…well…boring.I would argue that Android 11 seeming lackluster is in fact an exceedingly great thing. It means that the operating system has matured to the purpose where stuff mostly works the manner we'd like it to and all Google needs to focus on is subtle refinements.Android 2. 3 Gingerbread and Android 4. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Just the home displays were enormously various, to say not anything about the app drawers, notification shades, settings pages, etc.

Those two models of Android came out within twelve months of one another. One year!

Now, examine the changes among Android 9 Pie and Android 11, that are separated by nearly two years:

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Obviously, there are some alterations there, but the normal design aesthetic is still unchanged. The icons, Google Search bar, climate widget, or even fonts are all a similar.I'm not likely to enter every facet of both versions here, but trust me when I say that the app drawers, notification shades, and other aspects of Android are all also remarkably similar across Pie and Android 11.

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The difference among the early days of Android and now is that Google has settled on what Android will be. It's taken a long time to get there, but it's discovered how best to current the operating system to the user. There's simply no need for it to go back to the drafting board each year and wildly revamp what Android seems like.Instead, Google is now focusing on the trivialities of making Android better and more user-friendly. It's not enjoyable, but it's essential.

Android 11: The good kind of boring

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

The trade-off here's that Android 11 won't seem nearly as new and fresh as Android 4. 4 KitKat felt. Long-time Android fans might call that boring, and that they would not be wrong.

However, a monotonous operating system is definitely what make sure you want. Remember how "boring" Windows XP felt after years of using it?Well, Microsoft tried to change things up an entire lot with Windows Vista, which people really didn't like. In reaction, the company made Windows 7, which is nearly just a glossier, better edition of Windows XP. We got bored with Windows 7 and Microsoft tried again to reinvent things with Windows 8, which people also hated. Now, we now have Windows 10, that is a glossier, better edition of Windows 7.

Remember when Microsoft tried to reinvent the 'boring' Windows 7?Yeah, we all bear in mind how that turned out. . .The reason there has been plenty backlash for Windows Vista and Windows 8 is as a result of Windows is a mature working system — it has been around long enough that folk understand how to use it and expect it to look and performance in sure ways. Too much change of a mature OS is bad, irrespective of how "boring" it may be.That's where Android is right now, and Android 11 is proof that Google understands that.Google is smart enough to understand that a wild revamp of Android at this stage would probably face more backlash than the rest.So don't lament that Android 11 isn't a sparkly new experience so that you can get hyped on. Instead, be content material with the concept that Android is how it is, and it will likely be this manner for a very long time. That's a good thing.


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